Surrealism Lives: 70 pairs of shoes filled with butter

This later turned out to be the remains of some art project, but still, how cool is it to come across this on a hike?

Mystery surrounds 70 pairs of shoes filled with butter in woods
By The Associated Press
(10/10/03 – STOCKHOLM, Sweden) A couple hiking in the mountains of far northern Sweden found 70 pairs of shoes, all filled with butter. Officials have no idea who put the shoes there, or why.
A provincial spokesman says the buttered footwear ranges from sneakers to boots. There are even butter-filled high heels and tap shoes. Each contains about a pound of butter.
The province spokesman says they’d like to catch the person who did it and make them clean it up. He says it’s going to create quite a mess when the butter starts to spoil.
Officials say they’ll wait for snow, so they can get a snowmobile into the area.

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