V.A. – The Readymade Record of Humour (aka Boot Beat Manifest)

Readymade Records HIRMC-1004

The joke’s on us, apparently.
This CD came free with the decidedly unfree Readymade Magazine and is a series of tracks by Readymade artists and their friends, all of which are audio collages, some incorporating rare groove material, others using English and Japanese text samples. It’s Attention Deficit Disorder Music, with no groove staying longer than a couple of bars to form the center of anything. It’s like John Oswald without the density, or Negativland without the politics or satire.
Now, there is some discussion over on the Pizzicato Five mailing list and elsewhere whether DJ Yoshio is actually Yasuharu Konishi. On his track he plays longer samples of tracks that Konishi has used in P5 songs and elsewhere. Does this seem like another transparent admittance?
I think the idea of the CD is to provide DJ “lessons” to the listeners, either through presenting a DJs favorite samples or through showing how much can be mixed together in one sitting. Then there’s also a few Japanese spoken word tracks seemingly against Bush and the war (the monkey gets sampled a few times). What is it all about? In what environment does this CD make sense?

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One thought to “V.A. – The Readymade Record of Humour (aka Boot Beat Manifest)”

  1. I know this is late coming – but I found myself loving this album! I got it as a download from a friend in Japan last year, and the quirkiness wore off after the first 2 listens and now it gets better the more I hear it. Besides, where else are you gonna hear the Japanese reading of “Cinderella”?!

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