He Thought He Had It All…

By chance, we continue in our Hollywood theme of unsung heroes, with this feature on Don La Fontaine, the most famous voice-over artist you didn’t know the name of. Don who? you may ask. Three words, baby: “In a world…”

Golden Voice
The lights dim. The trailer begins. “In a world beyond imagination…” No matter what the film, one man is always featured – only one man – alongside Arnold, Bruce and Sly. You never see him. But you know his voice: breathy, deep, sonorous, ominous. Don La Fontaine is the most successful, most ubiquitous voice-over actor working in show business promotion today. And although his agent, Steve Tisherman, is hesitant to reveal Don’s salary, cinema’s golden voice reluctantly admits that he is, in fact, “a millionaire…several times over.”

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