I Writes ’em, They Likes ’em

Tonight I hung out with Ari Rosenzweig and his crew at my favorite Japanese restaurant Edomasa. Not only did I write the article on Ari’s company for the News-Press, but I wrote a review of their Thursday night performance for the same paper. It’s exceedingly rare that I get to meet the artists that I review, but Ari had many nice things to say about my writing, all of which I’m too modest to repeat here.

I’m more than happy to feed these hungry people who have been in America for over a week and have yet to find the sushi they crave. Sushi, man? They’re mad for it, ‘as it ‘appens. Tagging along was fellow performer Fernanda, and their lighting guy Michael, who I hadn’t met before as, well, he’d been in a booth working on lights. While eating we talked about…food! And some of my travels in Asia…and more food! I like people who like food, yes indeed. And beer.

Talking about food, and because Ari and co. are from Denmark, I should have mentioned my love of Havarti cheese. Mmmm, Havarti.

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