Yo my peeps, I just

Yo my peeps, I just got back from today’s protest march. Not as many people as last week, so I hear, but still about 2 blocks’ worth of people. And for some reason I didn’t see the usual suspects there today. It seemed to be all new faces. I did run into a few friends: Duncan, Candace, Jim. I heard my dad would be there, but I didn’t see him. We did two die-ins along Street, which gave me a chance to rest my feet, ho ho ho.
Seriously though, where are all the black and Latino protestors? Seeings a lot of their sons and daughters are dying in Bush’s empire-building slaughter, you’d think they’d be equally represented here, as they are in the general population. The question for us is why they aren’t turning up and how we can get them to. There’s passing references to “the racism of the anti-war movement” on KPFK, but I’ve never heard anyone lay out the case for that. So, what’s up?
It’s a nice sunny day today too, and there’s birds savaging the bird feeder: blue jays and little tits. (That should increase the Google hits).

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