Floating In Sequence

Otherwise known as my dream comic. This lasted through various incarnations as it went from something I was doing on the side to something I was trying to sell (to whom? for what?). The earlier strips feature no captions or titles, which was a bit of a challenge. As a few people got interested I had to format the idea into a strip of some kind. I also started focusing on my dreams that featured celebrities, hoping that would sell. ("Who’s the main character?" one editor kept asking me. "Me!" I would say. "Yes, but who else?" "Depends on what I dream.")
The longer story "Tsukuba Dream" was drawn for the third issue of OnLimits (see here), but I think they ran out of money and the magazine folded. This was drawn without the dialog, flipped on computer, and a Japanese translation added. This is the pre-flip American version.
I’d still be up for doing more dream comix as long as 1) I have somewhere to publish them! and 2) someone to ink them! Props to Jim Woodring and Rick Veitch for showin’ da way.
"You Killed Julia Croke!"
"Yes, and we still all wear the same clothes!" (feat. Ernest Borgnine)
Long Distance
Blue Shades (feat. Elvis Costello)
Caught at Customs
Dream Peanuts
Dream Peanuts (revised)
Soft Machine
Beatles Time Machine
Michael J. Fox’s First Day of College!
Tsukuba Dream: Page One | Page Two | Page Three | Page Four | Page Five

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