Maki Nomiya has a blog

This will only interest Japanese speakers or those who love Pizzicato Five, but Maki Nomiya now has a blog called “Nomiya Maki Oshare Blog”. Three entries so far, with a little tidbit about P5 and the filming of one of their videos. If your Japanese is rusty, you can get a translation here.

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2 thoughts to “Maki Nomiya has a blog”

  1. Cool to find some P5 junkies still active years after the split up. 🙂 Enjoyed very much the P5ML although I never had anything to contribute. You guys always were a blast.

  2. Hi nice to meet you!
    I’m nao,and I’m japanese girl. I love pizzicato five songs. It makes me happy every time.
    Do you listen to pizzicato five songs?
    (I hope you can understand my English…)

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