These Pirates, Not So Jolly – Danish film ‘A Hijacking’ a Taut anti-thriller

Fren Mailing in "A Hijacking" Magnolia Pictures photos
Fren Mailing in “A Hijacking”
Magnolia Pictures photos

Tobias Lindholm’s “A Hijacking” takes a procedural approach to a story that is usually handled as a backdrop to action-film hijinks. But instead of a Bruce Willis or a Steven Seagal rappelling down from a helicopter, both guns blazing, we have a series of negotiations. I would suggest that “A Hijacking,” by doing so, becomes a much tenser experience for it.

This is Mr. Lindholm’s second film after his prison drama “R” and he’s also an accomplished scriptwriter — his most recent being the Mads Mikkelson-led “The Hunt.” So he’s used to writing about men trapped in small spaces, either physically or mentally.

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