Old Spanish Days: Kids to rule today’s El Desfile de los Niños

The Marquez family float will be near the head of today's Children's Parade.STEVE MALONE/NEWS-PRESS
The Marquez family float will be near the head of today’s Children’s Parade.


The Historical Parade on Friday may have the horses, the carriages and all the regalia, but today’s Children’s Parade has all the cuteness.

The 84th annual El Desfile de los Niños starts above Victoria Street at 10 a.m. and continues down State Street, where the participants’ final destination at Ortega Street awaits: free ice cream, graciously supplied by sponsors Marborg and Wood-Claeyssens Foundation.

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Old Spanish Days: Old and new joining in Fiesta Parade

Today marks one of Old Spanish Days’ most popular events, the annual El Desfile Historico.

Celebrating its 90th year just like the Fiesta itself, the parade is a chance for participants to dress in their finest outfits, whether it be Californio, Spanish, or Western, and travel State Street on horseback or in carriages.

With 600 to 700 horses involved, the Fiesta Parade is one of the largest equestrian parades in the country. At least half of the horses come from Santa Barbara County.

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