Video of a sad, unaware person projecting his self-loathing

When he’s not pleasuring himself with a vibrator during non-consensual phone sex with a workmate, Faux News Propaganda Channel windbag Bill O’Reilly does things like this.
This is awesome…how long before the mashups/remixes?
UPDATE: Someone’s knickers are in a bunch. The original YouTube got taken down. I’ve replaced it with one from Also try here. I may even have the original Flash file kickin’ around…but no need for that yet.
UPDATE: Well, that took all of 12 hours. It’s the Fuck It! Remix of Bill O! by Revolucian. Word.
UPDATE 05.14.08!: Stephen Colbert exposes the video to the television audience–how’s that feel CBS?–and then parodies it. Brilliant.
UPDATE 05.14.08 PART DEUX: The Fuck It! Remix video.

UPDATE 05.16.08: has a behind the scenes look at the producer of Bill O’s show. This too is brilliant.