Book Club Confidential – Fall Reading

My latest column from the News-Press (sorry, their own links last for 7 days only):
So we’re kickin’ into fall, or what the two-syllable crowd likes to call “autumn.”

Your summer reading is finished. You got sand all over the dust jacket. You dropped “Anna Karenina” into the bathtub by accident and now the bleedin’ thing has twice as many pages. You took a break from your book club because everybody was out on their brief American vacations driving, driving, driving somewhere. Or you went silly and added way too much to your towering “to be read” stack.
Don’t feel bad. We all do it. In fact, I just cleaned up the house and found that I was subconsciously squirreling away books just so my stack wouldn’t go so high. And now I’ve put them all in one place, I’m going to need a ladder. What was I thinking?

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