The War Ticker has alerted

The War Ticker has alerted me to this Channel 4 special on Iraq, called BREMNER BIRD AND FORTUNE – XMAS SPECIAL – Between Iraq and a Hard Place, which goes into great detail about the history of Britain, Iraq, and imperialism, using live reporting, reconstructions, and archival footage.
And, er, did we tell you it’s a COMEDY?
Apparently, you can make sarcastic comments, poke fun at world leaders, shine a sardonic light on hypocrisy, and generally cause havoc on British TV, and not be hounded by mono-brow Freepers, receive death threats, or have all your sponsors pull out and shut your career down. Funny that.
Rory Bremner has been a stand-up comic and impersonator for some time now. His Bush is pretty crappy, but his Blair is quite dead on. You can watch the entire episode at the site, as long as you have Real Player. Go on, you need a laff. We’ll all be radioactive soon!

We don’t have cable here

We don’t have cable here up among the golden spires, and the only thing we really miss is the news and C-SPAN. Luckily, Yahoo! News has a great audio/video section, with stories from Reuters, AP, and NPR. I have found this is the best source of undeniable proof that the Chimp is a complete idiot, as, instead of the short clips of coherence that the network news shows, Yahoo runs Bush “speeches” in their painful, achingly slow entirety.
Watch his speech today with Nato Secretary-General Lord Robertson and see him fumble with the most basic of words. Hilarity ensues along with that sinking feeling that comes from watching a psychopathic man-child about to take the keys to a bus-full of nuns on a trip down the autobahn.

Audio goodies in the mail

Audio goodies in the mail today! I finally upgraded my clapped out Aiwa double-cassette deck and bought myself a refurbished Nakamichi MR-2B single cassette deck from a Seattle-based recording studio for all of $125. I think these things sold for $750 back in the day (1986), and if you know anything about tape decks, you know that Nakamichi is da shiznit, with old decks outperforming modern decks from other companies (face it, nobody cares about cassettes any more). Nakamichi stopped making decks in the 1990s, but there’s still plenty of fans out there.
I did my research at the Naks site, where the entire history of the company’s cassette decks are outlined and worshipped.
So, how’s mine? Well, apart from the fact that all my tapes are currently at my dad’s house apart from one (Philip Glass: Mishima and Koyaanisqatsi OST), and apart from the fact that I’m still trying to sort out the problems with my speaker/receiver set-up at the new place, I would say it’s lovely. The mechanism is quiet as a baby. I mean, really, really, really quiet. Quieter than my CD or my VCR. And the sound is great, but I have yet to put it through its paces.
By the way, they still have plenty of these decks left at the place I got ’em. Check ’em out here, at Realtime.

Whether you have a yin

Whether you have a yin or a yang you’ll enjoy these links. The first is to Cynthia Plaster Caster’s collection of rock star penises, mostly weird, flaccid representations of the biggest cocks in showbiz (there’s something about plunging your member into cold plaster that stops a stiffy in its tracks).
Meanwhile, over at The Spectator there’s a great essay by Betty Dodson about the bait-and-switch sham that is The Vagina Monologues, which is close to my take on the subject. That is, it’s very easy to make women feel bad about sexual violence in the world; it’s difficult to make them feel good about themselves. In art, despair is easy, love is hard.
Warning: The Vagina Monologues essay link features an actual photo of an actual vagina (with an actual vibrator near it), but I think you people are sensible adults and have seen one before (you may even have one). Both links by way of the most excellent Daze Sex Blog

Well, this post is a

Well, this post is a few days late, as just after I finished writing it last night (Saturday), Internet Explorer decided to change my history cache at the stroke of midnight into a folder and promptly froze Blogger in the act of publishing. So I lost everything! Balls.
So here we are a day later (as I was busy all day), late Sunday/early Monday, with my report on Saturday. While everybody in the entire world was protesting, I was in a cocktail lounge in Burbank, being an extra in my friend Jon’s film, an engagement I had agreed to long before Iraq was a gleam in Karl Rove’s eye.

The main character meets his lawyer to sign divorce papers.
The film is called Beautiful People and I designed some magazine and book covers seen in the film and a very important wine label. When I get the rest of my site up, you’ll be able to see these in the artwork section. But for now take my word for it.
Anyway, I play a lawyer, to be seen once in wideshot, yabbering away into a cellphone. You can see my “scotch on the rocks,” which is actually ice tea.

As a respected actor, I insist on working with only the top names. You know, Jack Daniels, Glen Fiddich, Jim Beam, and Mr. W. Turkey.
After about 7 takes of this I was let free, and I could just watch the rest of the shoot. I had my camera ready and here’s some of the other things I saw.

The above is my favorite photo of the lot.

Jon’s girlfriend Ruriko (also a filmmaker) looks baffled. With Jon, she usually is.

Between the medium shots and the close-ups, we all took a break near the pool during a very overcast day.

Apparently, this is very bad for the eyes.

Ruriko reacting to the above photo.

“Put more vim in it!” urges Jon to his actors.

I’ve run out of funny captions.
So anyway, it was a nice 4-hour shoot. Assistant Director Mylie (spelling?) kept everybody on their toes and everything movie at a clip. We got done near six, which was when I walked out into the empty bar next door in time to see the evening news and the coverage of the protest marches on each network. It was an amazing moment, as it coincided with my relief of finishing the shoot.

Today was a beautiful day!

Today was a beautiful day! If you go to Yahoo and check out their 250+ Photo Slideshow about today’s worldwide protests against the oil and bloodthirsty Monkey King, you don’t need to read too much text. The images tell it all. Such and upsurge in protests! I’m staggered, absolutely floored by all this. It swelled my heart.
A few comments: Does this show democracy works (being able to demonstrate) or does this show that it doesn’t (that the Smirk and Blair don’t care about the millions and millions of people around the globe)? I’ve been mulling this over in my head and I still haven’t come to a conclusion. (I’m partial to the latter).
Did you notice how the networks cut between footage of the Western protests and the Baath Party rally in Iraq (the Iraqis were the men holding rifles aloft)? A subtle comparison, no? Equating our protests with gun-wielding Iraqis? That we support Saddam by protesting? Hmmm? I did find out later that there were some protests in the streets of Baghdad by the Westerners there, but I can’t find info on whether they were part of the same event.
My final thought: this undeniably proves that Bush is the most hated and/or disliked President in all of history, probably even more than Reagan or Nixon because at least those guys were elected. (I’d like to hear some older visitors on this opinion.) What a bloody shame for America and for the rest of the world.

Happy Valentine’s Day, freaky people!

Happy Valentine’s Day, freaky people! Love of my life Jessica bought me some books as a sign of affection, knowing they’ll go down better than a tie or cologne or whatever other rubbishy gifts the plebs buy each other. I got copies of Blue Note: Album Cover Art,
45 rpm, and
1000 Record Covers, all devoted, as you can tell, to album graphics, one of my favorite things to look at (and design). In return, I gave Jessica a dozen roses and a special Flash-animated card that I whipped up in my “spare” time. I think she liked ’em.
And that’s about as personal as I’m gonna get!

As found on Die Puny

As found on Die Puny Humans:

Man requests Jesus for legal help
GAINESVILLE, Missouri (AP) — A Missouri man is calling on a higher power for his legal representation.
Richard John Adams requested Jesus Christ as his trial attorney during a hearing Wednesday on tampering charges. Adams, who described himself as a patriot and a Christian, says lawyers are “devils” who are trying to undermine the Constitution.
Ozark County Circuit Judge John Moody told Adams the only person who can speak for him in the courtroom is a lawful attorney.
Adams is charged with tampering with a judge for hostile comments made during an earlier traffic case. He faces a maximum of 14 years in prison if convicted of both counts.

“I’m out of order? You’re out of order! This whole f***ing legal system based on secular ideas and not on the Divine Law of God is out of order!!!!”