Scenes from inside Karl Rove’s Head

Scenes from inside Karl Rove’s head.
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Is it some sort of coincidence that following on from finding that clown-and-angry-child-driver record cover, I then run across this vying for the last crumbs of my sanity? Here’s a review of the straight to video atrocity, Rainbow Brite at the San Diego Zoo! for which no amount of drugs will make your viewing experience enjoyable.
This Web page keeps playing this scary, Psycho-esque music while you read. Turns out this is not the theme tune from Rainbow Brite, but the web ad for the Signs DVD at the end of the page. Brrr.
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Goleta Valley Land Trust, Narc, and Gangs of New York

Spent today writing an article on the Goleta Valley Land Trust, which is a local organization awarding grants to organizations that want to preserve our open space. The president, feisty 79-year-old Harriet Philips, has a long history of politics and volunteer work, and you’ll have to wait till next week to read my profile on her.
Jessica and I also went to see Narc, which featured Jason Patric and Ray Liotta yelling at various people in the first two-thirds of the film, only to end up yelling at each other. Again, you can read my review later.
In the meantime, here’s a review that got published last month of Gangs of New York under my nom de plume. UPDATE: That review can be found here.

Garry South Throws Down

Here’s encouraging news as posted on Make Them Accountable and blogged on Interesting Times

By David Podvin
For Democrats who are exasperated that their party is unwilling to go on the offensive, the following words are a welcome declaration of resolve:
“George W. Bush is the first president of my lifetime I don’t have an ounce of respect for. I’m going to bash him. My goal is to beat the bejesus out of him.”
With that bold and inspiring pronouncement, consultant Garry South confirmed that he will no longer be guiding the fortunes of California Governor Gray Davis, and that his new vocation is the political destruction of the trespasser in the White House.