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Audio Wonders and Blunders

Birthday Party 2004 For the second year in a row, my musical friends and I have got together to turn my annual shindig into a rockin' gig. I have a shameless need to sing in public and fortunately I have talented peeps to back me up. That said, please excuse the occasional bad notes and horrific audio of the following tunes and enjoy the joyous spendor of it all.

Tracks (all 128 vbr mp3s, total size about 24mb):
1. Virginia Plain
2. Making Plans for Nigel
3. Boys Keep Swinging
4. New Pollution/Taxman
5. Burning Down the House
6. Jumping Jack Flash
7. Peace Love and Understanding

For the evening, we dubbed ourselves Unity 6 after a rather harrowing event earlier that afternoon. (The Line-up: Ted Mills, vocals and maracas, Scott Easley, vocals and alto sax; Mac James, guitar and vocals on (6); Adam Williams, guitar and effects; Jeff Sparks, bass; Rob Taylor, drums.)