Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre

Let’s start our Monday with a cheerful little documentary on how the US is using white phosphorous to bomb civilians, one of the reasons it was able to take Fallujah. WP is evil, melt-your-skin-to-the-bone stuff, a little like napalm. So of course the story is off the American news radar. Italian news station RAI have just produced this expose, and put up this English language version for us to see and take in. Full size is 44mb, WMV file. It’s gruesome stuff, so don’t watch during lunch.

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2 thoughts to “Fallujah – The Hidden Massacre”

  1. It’s gruesome, but also laughably wrong. They claim that WP doesn’t burn clothing, yet the main use of WP is to ignite clothes, hair, wood, plastics, and aluminum. That’s why they call it an incendiary material.
    They show pictures of blackened bodies inside homes, their clothes not having so much as a cigarette burn. People hit by WP look like they had a near miss with a box of road flares from an exploding fireworks factory. You can be killed by WP indoors without your whole house turning into an inferno.
    The Italian story is just juvenile silliness. Decaying corpses turn black, and wham, some bizarre story about mass genocide with a chemical that burns at 5000 degrees F yet mysteriously doesn’t set anything on fire.

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