Fall of the Mountain King

How poetic. The Dems start their convention today and Bush falls off a bike.

AP Exclusive: Bush the mountain-biker rides hard, shrugs off crash: “President Bush charged up punishing climbs and down steep dirt paths on his high-performance bike Monday, at one point sailing over the handlebars and landing flat on his back.
The president dusted himself off from his fall on a treacherous descent, waved his medics away and kept rolling, a small cut on his knee and dirt on his back the only signs he had wrecked. He allowed that he was a bit shaken up. “

Wow, an “AP Exclusive.” Click on the link and read the ass-kissing reporting of Bush’s riding prowess, being compared to Lance Armstrong at one point.
Yes, but Lance Armstrong a) stayed on his bike and b) doesn’t have blood on his hands from 900 dead soldiers.

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