Just Another Day in Iraq

Nir Rosen’s piece on daily life in Iraq is grim, grim, and grim, with an extra helping of misery. Oh yeh, this place is going to turn into a Jeffersonian democracy real soon.

Hundreds of people were emerging from the smoke, running away, hundreds more were running to it and hundreds more were standing in shock, crying, screaming. A woman walked by carrying the inert body of her child. American humvees pulled up, as did Iraqi police cars. “There are many dead people,” shouted one man running from out of the hotel’s wreckage, asking people to help. Terrified and confused US soldiers tried to turn back the crowd of Iraqis who rushed to help; they swung in ever direction with their rifles, looking for the enemy, as Iraqi police with guns drawn tried to push people back. Ambulances arrived, by now well practiced in quick responses to bombs, and carried away the lucky ones who survived, screaming and with their shredded clothes and bodies drenched with blood. Inside one I saw a hellish scene

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