Ohmigod we’re all going to die! etc. etc.

The most blogged and email story this week–the leaked Pentagon report that says that we will all die from global warming by 2050–is sanely discussed in this Oakland Tribune story.

Futurists see world coming to awful stew
In fact, GBN’s report bears as much resemblance to probable reality as does the London Observer in describing it as “a secret report” predicting that climate change “could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy.” According to unnamed experts quoted by the newspaper, the report concludes that climate change is a “threat to global stability (that) vastly eclipses that of terrorism.”
“We were imagining the unthinkable, a worst-case scenario,” GBN’s Randall said Monday by phone.
The Pentagon’s unofficial futurist, Andrew Marshall, commissioned the report. He heads the internal DOD think tank that is responsible for scoping long-range trends and threats. Scenario-based projections are a staple of business and military planning.
The Defense Department released the report last month to a business magazine writer.
“There’s nothing secret about it, there’s nothing Pentagon about it and there’s no prediction in it,” Randall said.

This of course doesn’t stop the fact that global warming exists–despite what the monkey fascist (and Dennis Miller) believes–and that the BushJunta have made it easier for polluters to destroy even more of our environment.
But it often points out a truth about doomsday scenarios: there’s always part of our darkest nature that secretly wants to see it come true. And here that dark part met with our secret wish to see even the Pentagon point out how wrong Bush is.

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