Rather than allow a Fascist-friendly

Rather than allow a Fascist-friendly redistricting plan in Texas, the Democratic side of the legislature has…run off! Absolutely bizarre story that shows just how loonball things are getting here (or at least in Texas). What will happen next, forcing Democrats for vote for evil schemes by gunpoint?

Texas House seeks arrest of truant Democrats
By Connie Mabin
May 12, 2003 | AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — State troopers and the elite Texas Rangers were ordered to track down and bring in 59 Democratic lawmakers who brought the Texas House to a standstill Monday by going into hiding.
The quorum-busting boycott capped months of tension between Democrats and the newly-in-control Republicans, and occurred as the chamber was scheduled to debate a congressional redistricting plan opposed by Democrats.
The parties also have clashed over a bill to limit lawsuits and a GOP budget that would avoid new taxes but make deep spending cuts.
GOP House Speaker Tom Craddick locked down the House chamber so lawmakers who did show up Monday morning could not leave. After a roll call, he ordered the missing lawmakers arrested and brought back to the chamber.

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