This is a fiery article.

This is a fiery article. Was the Iraqi museum plundered with the help of a neocon-friendly art dealers’ group? PfaffenBlog thinks so, with some facts that nobody’s really covered yet.

US failure to prevent looting of Baghdad museum was a disaster for the Iraqi people — but it’s a windfall for antiquities collectors
The team of concerned U.S. scholars wasn’t the only group to make contact with the Pentagon about Iraq’s antiquities. A group of art traders, calling itself the American Council for Cultural Policy (ACCP), recently met with Defense Department officials. Scholars fear that the meeting “was an attempt by the influential dealers to ease restrictions on Iraq’s antiquities laws. The group’s treasurer has called current policies ‘retentionist,’ and favors the export and sale of some of the world’s oldest treasures to the US.” According to German antiquities expert named Sonja Zekri, the ACCP’s goal is to ” loosen up the Iraqi antiquities laws under an American-controlled postwar regime…. In short, it’s the legalized plundering of Mesopotamian culture by Americans after US bombs have already destroyed the land, and US companies have profited from reconstruction.”

There’s more on this over at The Guardian.
As Bryan Pfaffenberger reminds us, the neocon fascists aren’t interested in public libraries or museums: “Neoconservatives see state-owned libraries, archives, and museums as residues of socialism and are working to transfer public library and museum assets to private concerns.”

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