I wonder if the Shrub

I wonder if the Shrub knows or cares that he’s a prisoner in his own country, since he never traveled anywhere before he was installed as prez.

Presidential Quarantine. by Jeremy Mayer. April 1, 2003.
Why Bush can’t leave America — and why that matters
By Jeremy Mayer
Web Exclusive: 4.1.03
George W. Bush is under an international quarantine. It is not security concerns that prevent him from going overseas, nor is it the unseemly appearance of leaving the White House while our troops fight along the Euphrates. Rather, Bush can’t leave America because his policies are intensely unpopular in almost every country on earth.
What country could this president visit that wouldn’t immediately erupt into massive civil unrest? A Bush visit to Western Europe would make 2001’s violent anti-globalization demonstrations in Genoa look like a tea party.

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