A good Canadian overview of

A good Canadian overview of the cronies and phonies at the White House. Contains this anecdote about Karl Rove:

TheStar.com – On message, on script Rove is feared. He is the first full-time political adviser to have an office right in the White House.
In a recent Esquire magazine profile, Ron Suskind wrote about waiting outside Rove’s office and listening to him berate some political operative who had displeased him.
“We will f— him. Do you hear me? We will f— him. We will ruin him. Like no one has ever f—– him!”
Wrote Suskind: “As a reporter, you get around ? curse words, anger, passionate intensity are not notable events ? but the ferocity, the bellicosity, the violent imputations were, well, shocking.”
Rove continued the rant for a few minutes, then walked out to greet Suskind, still flushed, but sweet as “Clarence the Angel” with a big, “Come on in!”

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