Link, link, O link! It’s

Link, link, O link! It’s a busy day for good articles on the Chimpy-Rummy Murder-Our-Troops special (which coincides with the Kill Iraqis special). Here’s some news you can use.
Here’s the latest rundown of all the protests around the world today. These people don’t take a break! Good on ’em!
Here’s a fabulous transcript of Daniel Ellsberg running circles around Aaron Brown from CNN. Brown, like every in the corporate media, tries to frame the debate in ridiculous terms, wasting everybody’s time and distracting us from the real issues (a tactic the GOP has been very good at and that the Dems, hell, any opposition, needs to learn how to avoid.) “Are the protestors helping Saddam?” is not a real question, and certainly not something a thinking person should pose. So grow up. Ellsberg handles it with tact and intelligence.
Meanwhile, the killing continues in earnest. Here’s a report on the massacre at Nasiriya. If I was a soldier, I’d be the shocked and horrified one they interview first. And I know I’d hate the prick they quote after–he probably is the kind who would have made my life miserable in high school. (I would have liked to have linked to the original story in the Times of London, but the link has now been archived and they’re asking $$$ to access it. So thank Buddha for Information Clearing House.)
Holy Court Martial! Three British Privates are sent home after protesting civilian deaths.
Meanwhile in the very barely democratic America, a Louisiana shock jock is suggesting protestors should get a bullet in the head. Remember folks, the airwaves belong to us . . . Just kidding! They belong to massive conglomerates! My mistake.
In wacky news, the cute dolphins the navy were going to use to find mines and Iraqi frogmen apparently have minds of their own. They like to wander off for days and look for fish. “Flipper’s f…ed, mate,” as one sarcy Aussie puts it.
The criticism of the complete incompetence of Rumsfeld continues from various generals. Remember, we started the criticism long before anybody else!
And who’s America’s new enemy? It seems to be New Zealand, because they don’t support Chimpy McCokespoon. Let’s bomb their sheep! etc. etc.
Lastly, I would like to give “mad props” out to Joshua Micah Marshall’s Talking Points Memo. Marshall’s been analysing the BushJunta for some time now, and knows his stuff. He’s even a bit of a future-scenarist, trying to figure out the possible variations in the fallout from Rummy’s disastrous war plans. Give his site a look and get educated on not just what has happened but what might be.

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