Where will it all end?

Where will it all end?
Based on this report, the world’s complete annihilation. Why was this story only published in a Scottish newspaper? Found by way of Unknown News

US plans total war against North Korea
WHILE the White House continues its public war of words with North Korea, a battle plan is already being laid in secret by military strategists at the Pentagon.
Until now leader Kim Jong Il’s increasingly flamboyant and frightening game of international brinkmanship has only attracted condemnation from the Bush administration.
But behind the scenes, American strategists are now weighing up the option of a pre-emptive military strike against North Korea as the rogue Stalinist state forges ahead with its plans to build a nuclear arsenal – threatening not only a “domino effect” of nuclear proliferation in east Asia but also a strike against the very heart of America.
It is a terrifying scenario, with likely casualties running to one million during the first day of an attack on North Korea – most falling victim to the long-range artillery trained on its southern neighbour.

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