Six degrees of fascism. The

Six degrees of fascism. The war on our liberty and our freedoms has hit home today, in a way, with two events that just sicken and disgust me and that have happened to people that I know.
First off is my sister-in-law and her husband in Arizona, who, when they came back to LAX and before getting their connecting flight to Phoenix, were asked to keep their luggage unlocked so it could be searched later. That’s bad as it is, but when they got home their luggage had a “checked” sticker on the outside and inside a white paper that said that if anything was damaged that it was not the company’s responsibility, nor the airport’s. It’s a staggering loss of privacy that not even the most police-state of countries asks you to do. Sure, security should be able to look through your bags with you in attendance, but this is 100% wrong. Who knows how this will be abused in the future–planting evidence, perhaps?
Secondly, the brother of one of the crewmembers I worked with last week just got called up to go lay his life down for oil and imperialism. The guy was just now working on a law career when some sort of G.I. assistance aid thingy that saw him through college and which he signed back when we were a democracy and at peace has come back to haunt him. He ships out next week. His mother was distraught, and over the phone began to speak her mind about the Monkey King in the most heated of terms. He told her “Mom, don’t say those things. The phone is tapped.” Why did he know? Because the guys who enlisted him told him (I guess so he couldn’t plan over the phone an escape to Canada).
It’s getting really scary here, folks.

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