World to Bush: “Everybody hates

World to Bush: “Everybody hates you and they think you’re an idiot.”
Bush: “Nuh-uh!”

World rebels against America
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates
Having positioned enough U.S. troops and equipment all around this Persian Gulf neighbourhood, George W. Bush can launch a war on Iraq any time, with or without United Nations’ approval. But he has already lost the political war.
That came through loud and clear in my journey through Europe, the Middle East and Asia in the last three weeks. It should become evident to North Americans in the days ahead.
Tomorrow, the United Nations arms inspectors will call for a continuation of their work to disarm Iraq peacefully.
On Tuesday, Bush will deliver his State of the Union address and be applauded on Capitol Hill and in the obeisant American and copycat neo-con Canadian media. But around the world, his words likely will bring public derision, so eroded is American credibility. A similar fate awaits the promised American “evidence” against Iraq.
On Wednesday, when the Security Council meets, France, assisted by Germany, will lead Russia, China and others in resisting American calls for a U.N. mandate for war. For the first time in its history, the council may be confronted with an anti-American resolution.

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