In essence, we are headed

In essence, we are headed by a South American, banana republic style dictator says this witty article in the Guardian.

American presidents all mixed up
In a bizarre twist, global bankers love Lula and despair of Bush
Richard Adams
Wednesday January 29, 2003
The Guardian
It’s surprising that no one has noticed this, but it looks as if there has been a terrible mix-up involving American presidents.
For some time there have been suggestions that US president George Bush doesn’t know what’s he is doing. The answer is simple: he’s supposed to be the president of Brazil.
Meanwhile, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva – or Lula, as the new president of Brazil is known – should be president of the United States. The mix-up is obvious, when you consider the facts.
Wealthy oligarchs, who reach high office through nepotism, promoting friends of their family into government while presiding over corporate sleaze, and running up vast debts by making tax giveaways to their rich, rightwing supporters – that’s the sort of behaviour that South American presidents are renowned for.
Meanwhile, policies of stern fiscal prudence, applauded by the international financial markets, coupled with tough welfare reform, is what is expected from leaders of the United States.
But in a bizarre geo-political twist, these stereotypes have been turned on their heads. While the president of South America’s most important country couldn’t be more different as a person than the president of North America’s most important country, it’s hard not to think the world would be a better place if the two men swapped jobs.

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