Go USA! Go USA! While

Go USA! Go USA! While the majority of Americans will spend today yelling at a TV set, spraying potato shards from their mouth and from the upturned imitation wood-grain plastic bowl, and generally OD’ing on their own football-initiated testosterone, some are missing the game . . . because they’ve been incarcerated! What fun!
Apparently, Super Bowl Fervor also means locking up random brown people!

Yahoo! News – INS Detains 69 Foreigners in Super Bowl Sweep
Sports – Reuters
Fri Jan 24, 8:50 PM ET
By Sarah Tippit
SAN DIEGO, Calif. (Reuters) – Federal officials on Friday said they planned to detain more foreign-born security and transportation workers after arresting 69 people as part of a controversial security crackdown ahead of the Super Bowl that has outraged local immigrant community leaders.
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service officials initially said agents had finished a probe of suspected illegal immigrants who might have had high-level access to San Diego’s Qualcomm stadium, but then said that reviews of 1,000 more workers still had to be completed by Sunday’s game.

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