Geneva Convention? We don’ need

Geneva Convention? We don’ need no stinkin’ Geneva Convention! We can torture your ass anywhere and anyhow, because Generalissimo El Busho (as Ted Rall calls him) says so! (Hey, Mr. Protestor cum Enemy Combatant, you’re next!)

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | US interrogators turn to ‘torture lite’ The LA-based constitutional lawyer Stephen Rohde said that the US was already violating the Geneva convention by its interrogation of prisoners: “Donald Rumsfeld has been boasting about the information [from prisoners] as a valid reason for holding them indefinitely without lawyers and without charging them. We are violating the Geneva convention by interrogating them.”
The Taliban prisoners should only have been required to give their name, rank, serial number and date of birth, he said. Lawyers representing those being interrogated have expressed their concern.
“I have never seen clients treated so badly” said Randy Hamud, the San Diego-based lawyer who has represented a number of the Arab men detained last year, some of whom are still in custody. “The constitution has been cast aside. The United States is no longer the moral leader of the world.”

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