A preview of the vile,

A preview of the vile, horrific destruction we are going to be visiting on innocent people soon. This is gut-wrenching stuff. Can’t we do anything?

AlterNet: “Shock and Awe”: Guernica Revisited
By Gar Smith, AlterNet
January 27, 2003
Forget Osama. Forget Saddam. The Pentagon’s newest target is the city of Baghdad.
US military strategists have announced a plan to pummel the Iraqi capital with as many as 800 cruise missiles in the space of two days. If George W. Bush gets the war he wants, Baghdad could become the 21st Century’s Guernica.
On April 26, 1937, 25 Nazi bombers dropped 100,000 pounds of bombs and incendiaries on the peaceful Basque village. Seventy percent of the town was destroyed and 1,500 people, a third of the population, were killed.
The Pentagon now predicts that its Baghdad blitzkrieg could approximate the devastation of a nuclear explosion. “The sheer size of this has never been… contemplated before,” one Pentagon strategist boasted to CBS News. “There will not be a safe place in Baghdad,” a city of 5 million people.
The Pentagon dubbed its cold-blooded attack plan “Shock and Awe” , a bizarre conjunction of trauma and admiration. Shock and awe were the very emotions that Americans experienced on Sept. 11, 2001. Now, like the 9/11 terrorists, Bush and Co. are planning a similar act of almost unparalleled ferocity , a devastating premeditated attack on a civilian urban population.

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