For anyone trying to track down Yasuharu Konishi's work outside Pizzicato Five (R.I.P.) this discography will give you some idea of the breadth and width of the man's talent—from lyrics and music to producing and remixing —and give you an idea of just how difficult it is to complete your collection. ;)

This discography started as a long article that I saw in MARQUEE magazine from early 2000 that listed over 300 Konishi-related releases and printed small album covers to accompany it. I knew that somehow all of Konishi's non-Japanese fans needed to see this, so here it is, updated through 2002.

I've trimmed down the MARQUEE discography to leave out promo items that didn't contain tracks other than the official release, limited edition packages, and duplicate vinyl releases (though I've listed the catalog numbers, if possible).

Please stop by the BBS room and post questions and comments. I'm always looking for new information, corrections, and better cover scans (the ones from Marquee have blue lined borders). I'm also interested in making this a bi-lingual site in Japanese, so if any Japanese Konishi fan would like to undertake a translation, contact me!


Ted Mills, site manager

THANKS TO: Yoko Mitsuzaki, Jun Yamashiro, David Kamil, and all the other members of the P5 mailing list. Peace, minna-san.

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