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I’ve been writing on the arts in Santa Barbara and beyond since 1998 (or 1991 if you count my stint at UCSB’s Daily Nexus). That’s a lot of interviews, events, and people that I’ve met along the way, not just in the local scene, but in the world outside that passes through here on tour.

I started a (hand-coded!!) blog way back in the late ’90s, which is about 2 million Internet years ago. It’s been called several things since: Up Among the Golden Spires, Stone Cold Pimpin’, and others. Now I’m updating this blog, I will cut down on the personal business and links and instead catalog most of my writing.

I do many other things in the meantime:

I host a podcast on the arts.

I am an artist with a tumblr.

I am a filmmaker as well. Try my Youtube or my Vimeo. (They’re kind of different.)

And a photographer (watch out, NSFW). Also here.

So that keeps me busy.

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7 thoughts to “About Me”

  1. hi man.
    hey, i know this isn’t probably isn’t meant to be the main point of your site, but i used to visit your pizzicatto five lyrics database a ton.

    but now when i go to the songs, and click on them, the link points to nowhere? did you take down the lyrics?

    if so, would it be possssssible perhaps for me to get a copy of what you had before you took down the site?

    i was using them to study japanese, and was actually using them to bridge a kanji – romaji gap. (fleshing out the translation transitions a bit more)

    of course, if not possible thats okay.
    and thanks for the effort you put into making the lyrics page, it was really helpful!!!

    1. Hi Donald, I’m currently in the middle of a major site resign/upgrade, so bear with me and I will investigate soon. Obvs I stopped working on the site when P5 broke up, but I know it was a valuable resource for people. I’ll get back on it and let you know soon.

  2. You did an article on my daughter, the junior spirit of fiesta 2015. There was a beautiful photograph you published on April 19 this year. Is there anyway I could get a digital copy of that photograph?

  3. Desiderata! The libsyn.com feed for FunkZone…actually LibSyn in general, is failing (using Podcast Addict.) Why not run Hiawatha on some VM someplace and serve the RSS there (unless it contains complete transcripts fattening up the data use instead of the Apple yo-embedded-that method.)

    Also, lovely work on OpenCulture, I was reading your Gilgamesh amended article there.

  4. Hi Ted,
    Thank you very much for your article about “David Byrne’s Playlist of Great Protest Songs Written Over the Past 60 Years” which I just read. Do you know whether it is possible to see the playlist as a text list?
    Thank you,

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