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Nerve.com: My Ten Favorite Festishes

Above: The best orgasm I've ever had.
Lifelong sex researcher Kris Saknussemm tells us about his favorite festishes, most of which, even though I spend way too much time on the web, I have never heard of.

Chremastistophilia -- Excitement at being robbed or held up
One British gentleman proudly displayed the scar he received from a knife wound in the course of a mugging -- an event which he said led to a spontaneous ejaculation, the most powerful and substantial he'd ever experienced. (While the sight of the knife wound continues to unhinge me.)
The others are just as strange.


The cover definitely looks really cute. I never heard about this one, I think this is really something that I shouldn't miss.

Alyassa from cuisinière mixte Scholtes 

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