Kurds Captured Saddam, U.S. Grabbed the Publicity

Well, it was pretty close to the theory that two of his own men did it. But it does explain why Saddam “chose” such a small hidey hole.

Hussein Was Held by Kurds Before U.S. Capture
Dec. 21 (Bloomberg) — Saddam Hussein was captured by U.S. troops only after being held prisoner by Kurdish forces, who had had drugged and abandoned him, Agence France-Presse reported, citing a Sunday Express newspaper report.
The Kurdish Patriotic Front, which fought alongside U.S. forces during the Iraq war, held Hussien until it negotiated for more political advantage in the Middle East, AFP said, citing the paper, which quoted an unidentified Iraqi intelligence officer.
Hussein, who had been in hiding since April, was captured a week ago about 9 miles south of his hometown of Tikrit in northern Iraq, Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, said at a press conference then.

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